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At Agni Clinics we are dedicated to treating obesity and its related conditions.

We are committed to helping you access the care that you need. From consultation to recovery, we will assist in navigating the often confusing world of insurance and health care access. Our patient navigator will make accessing your care as simple as possible.


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Initial Consultation

Dr. Amin is a Board Certified General and Bariatric surgeon, Specializing in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery.
Dr. Amin treats common gastrointestinal conditions including: Gallstones, Hernias, Reflux, Colon and Rectal Conditions, as well as Obesity Surgery. Our process begins with a thorough initial evaluation. Schedule your appointment today to learn more.

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Specializing in the latest medical and surgical weight loss options. No matter how you choose to loose weight our staff will guide you through your weight loss journey. Offering Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric By-Pass, as well as revisional surgery


In collaboration with our GI partners, we diagnose and  surgically treat the structural abnormalities that cause gastroesophageal reflux disease.


Abdominal Wall Hernia

Specializing in the most advanced repair techniques of hernias of the abdominal wall. Offering minimally invasive ventral/incisional and inguinal hernia repair.

Gall Bladder

Obesity remains a major risk factor for gallbladder disease. We offer robotic cholecystectomy for those suffering from inflammation of the gallbladder

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Gastrointestinal Conditions

We treat benign and malignant GI conditions including small and large bowel resection and correction of intestinal obstruction.